BORDEAUX 2017: A Unique if Complicated Vintage

Like much in life, the 2017 Bordeaux vintage is complicated.Which means that it needs some explanation. Which admittedly can be a bit tedious. But there’s a big pay-off at the end.

Bordeaux 2017 provided a good number of wines that really push all the right buttons for me and should push the right buttons for a lot of other Bordeaux lovers as well. To understand why requires understanding the vintage as more than simply good or bad, classic or great. Rather, it requires understanding 2017 in terms of the effects both primary (immediate) and secondary (lingering) of the frost of April 27, 2017. The effects, both positive and negative, of that frost are what make the 2017 Bordeaux vintage unique.

In Bordeaux, 2017 started dry and there was some early warmth leading to an early budding of the vines. Everything was looking good until disaster struck beginning early in the morning on April 27th when temperatures went as low as 25°F … (Keep Reading)

Please click here to see Spec’s 2017 Bordeaux Futures offer including tasting notes from Bear Dalton

Orders may be placed with wine sales staff at any of the larger Spec’s stores.


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