DONNHOFF Estate Riesling, Nahe, 2017

Donnhoff is the top producer in the Nahe (my sometimes favorite of Germany’s great Riesling regions – yes, I’m fickle) and this Estate Riesling is their introduction to Nahe Riesling and the mix of minerals, slate, quartz, sand, and more found on the steeps slopes and occasional flats that line the winding Nahe river. Year in and year out, this is a personal favorite, especially for summer drinking and particularly with my Italian breaded and pan-fried in olive oil shrimp.

DONNHOFF Estate Riesling, Nahe, 2017
100% all-estate-grown Riesling dry-farmed sustainably (with a lean toward organic) mainly from Oberhauser Felsenberg (volcanic) and Kieselberg (slate) as well as declassified fruit from the estate’s grand cru sites and a new-to-the-estate hectare in the Niederhäuser Klamm (slate and weathered porphyry with both steep and flat sections). Fermented in a mix of large, older oval casks (1200 liter and 2400 liter) and stainless steel tanks.     Pale gold straw color and green highlights, clear and brilliant, with good legs; above threshold sweetness, medium-light-bodied with fresh acidity and very light phenolics with a really quite long finish.      Think of it as a proper introduction to the thrill and charm of Nahe Riesling. Crisp apple and ripe peach with a lime citrus vein over all sorts of mixed mineralality. Fresh, focused, and alive. Try it with any summer meal but especially with Texas wild caught shrimp.   BearScore: 92+. 
Cash Bottle: $19.94      Cash “Pick-Six” Bottle: $17.94
sku: 309883

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