Weekend Wild Card: Gavalas – Santorini, PDO Santorini, 2017

I could say “It’s all Greek to me” and I’d be both right and clichéd. But it shouldn’t be that way.  Greek wines have been around (albeit as bit players) in the American market for all of my 40+ year career in the wine business. But now there is a rising wave of interest in Greek food and Greek wines. And that comes at a good time as Greece is producing more fine wines today than ever in its history. One of the best Greek wines that seems to resonate with American palates comes from the Assyrtiko grape grown on the tourist destination island of Santorini.

GAVALAS Santorini, PDO Santorini, 2017
The flagship wine of Gavalas, a 5th generation winery and the oldest in continuous production on Santorini, this 100% Assyrtiko (average vine age between 80 – 100 years) is fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks.     Gold-straw color with well formed legs; dry, medium light-bodied with fresh acidity and scant phenolics.    Vivid, fresh, mostly lemony citrus fruit with a vivid saline minerality.  Spits the difference between a mineral Puligny Montrachet and Grosse Gewachs Riesling. Layered-Textured-Dimensional. Stunningly good.  BearScore: 95. 
Cash Bottle:$32.99     Cash “Pick-Six” Bottle $29.69
sku: 313875

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