The Friday Fizz Redo: Domaine du MOULIN, Gaillac, NV

So it’s Friday afternoon and I am posting this week’s Friday Fizz. A few minutes later I get a slightly frantic email from the supplier saying they are sold out of that particular wine (Can Xa Rosé Cava) and will not have more until mid-July. So I say ” well, darn it”, decide to re-run the Can Xa in later July,  and move on to plan B – which is to make next week’s Friday Fizz into this week’s Friday Fizz. So with out further ado, meet Domaine du MOULIN Methode Ancestral Sparkling from Gaillac – which comes to you from a week from now.

Domaine du MOULIN Methode Ancestral Sparkling Wine, Gaillac, NV
This 100% Mauzac (the traditional local grape variety of the area) comes from 15-year old vines grown on clay, stones, and limestone soils on the right (north) bank of the Tarn River (a southern exposure). These high acidity grapes ripen late and are hand harvested at 11°C to capture freshness.  The clusters are sorted and given a light pressing and the juice is put into tanks to settle then is removed from its solids and the now clean juice is given a slow fermentation with a minimum of 3 weeks in stainless steel tank at 10° leaving 35-40 grams per liter of unfermented sugar. The  wine is then bottled and the arrested alcoholic fermentation resumes in the bottle (for about three months) adding alcohol and  carbonation to the wine in the most ancient way (Methode Ancestral). After multiple tastings to determine when the wines are the best balanced, the fermentation is again arrested by inverting the bottles and standing them a room at 4°C.  Then the wine is given a classic disgorgement to remove frozen yeast, bottle refilled with wine of another bottle of the same batch.  Residual suges is in the range of 8-to-10 grams per liter (which is in the Brut range) and the wine finshes up with 4-5 bars of pressure in the bottle.    
Copper color and sparkling; dry, medium-light-bodied with fresh acidity and very light  phenolics.   Juicy fresh, spicy citrus fruit along with mineral earth and a touch of toast in a softer style of sparkling wine. Ripe and delicious with ample fruit. Supple feel. A piece of wine history. BearScore: 91+. 
Cash Bottle: $19.94        Cash “Pick-Six” Bottle: $17.94
sku: 310498

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