Owner and winemaker Toni Sarrion founded Bodegas Mustiguillo in the highlands of Valencia (Utiel) in 1998. The vineyard is 89 hectares of contiguous plots on primarily limestone at 800-824 meters above sea level. The DOP (The Spanish designation of an appellation of origin) is Pago El Terrerazo (within Utiel within Valencia). The key element of the DOP El Terrerazo is the Bobal grape and the set of clonal selection and canopy management practices developed to obtain smaller and looser Bobal clusters. Sarrion is a champion of Bobal as a fine wine variety. Historically, Bobal’s  best known characteristics were productivity (many big clusters) and high levels of both acidity and phenols (tannins, anthocyans, and flavonoids) which made Bobal ideal for the production of massive dark bulk wines produced to add color and acidity when blended with some northern Spanish wines. Sarrion saw the quality potential in Bobal and so developed the new techniques for working with Bobal both in the vineyards and in the cellar to make fine wine. The results speak for themselves.

A certified organically grown blend of 72% Bobal, 17% Garnacha, and 11% Syrah fermented in a mix of oak and stainless steel tanks (all temperature controlled) utilizing both punch-downs and some pump-overs. Aged 10 months in French oak barrels (no new barrels).     Purple color with well-formed legs; dry, medium-bodied with fresh but balanced acidity and medium phenolics.    A delicious, complete (and unusual) Bobal-based red offering medium-chewy pure red fruit with notes of dust and leather. Completely integrated and of-a-piece. Unique but somehow familiar. Layered-Textured-Dimensional.  BearScore: 93. 
Cash Bottle: $13.99     Cash Pick-Six Bottle: $12.59
SKU: 372581

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