The Friday Fizz: J.P. MARNIQUET Brut Rosé

Located near the village of Venteuil, Champagne J.P. Marniquet is almost a one-man show with Jean Pierre Marniquet (with help from his daughter) handling most of the heavy lifting including hand-riddling and disgorging the wines. As they are in the Valle de la Marne which is the land of Pinot Meunier, they embrace that once denigrated variety and successfully make it the centerpiece of their main cuvees. Marniquet makes real-deal farmer-fizz (estate-bottled Champagne) from grapes he grows on his own vineyards. He ages the wines in his cellar, the entrance to which looks like a Hobbit hole in the hillside across from his house.

Jean-Pierre MARNIQUET – Brut Rosé, Champagne, NV
An unusual estate-bottled blend of 90% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot Meunier, and 5% Pinot Noir from a small grower-producer located near Venteuil in the Valle de la Marne west of Reims. Aged over 3 years on the yeasts in a cold, deep cellar that once served as a World War One underground hospital bunker. The dosage is quite Brut at 6 grams per liter dissolved in reserve wines.  Medium-pink and fully sparkling; dry, medium-bodied with fresh acidity and very light phenolics. Delicious earthy fruity yeasty Rosé sparkler offering essence of red berry fruit and citrus over layers of toasty yeast and mineral earth. Long and delicious, complete, textured bubbly that will not disappoint. And all for a rare-for-Rosé Champagne price under $40.00.  BearScore: 93.
Cash Bottle: $37.99.    Cash “Pick-Six” Bottle: $34.19

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