Perfectly Pink: BESSERAT de BELLEFON Cuvee des Moines Rosé, NV

What a difference proper shipping makes. I have tasted and turned down Besserat de Bellefon’s wines several times over the years. The reason? The wines always tasted “cooked” to me. Which is to say that they showed the characteristic lack of fruit that results from wine getting hot during shipping or storage. What changed? The new rep (new wholesaler) arrived with fresh samples that had been shipped and stored properly and the wine was delicious. Here are my notes on the Rosé which I have now tasted a few times from this good shipment. It is absolutely worth a look and seems particularly appropriate as a summer sparkler as it is a touch less fizzy (than standard Champagne) and, while still Brut, it is on the more generous side of Brut. It all works. Pure pleasure.

BESSERAT DE BELLEFON Cuvee Des Moines Brut Rose, Champagne, NV
A blend of 30% Chardonnay (from Avize and Chouilly), 30% Pinot Noir (from Chamery & Chigney les Roses), and 40% Pinot Meunier (from Pierry) made in the Cuvee de Moines style (4.9 atmospheres of pressure vs. the more standard 6 atmospheres of pressure for most Champagne).  No malo-lactic fermentation.   Aged 52 months on the yeasts. Dosed to 11 grams per liter     Deep-salmon color; almost dry, medium-bodied with fresh acidity and scant phenolics.  Lovely, juicy, not-too-fizzy Rosé offering sweet red fruit with spice and citrus to go with its toast and mineral. Delicious, supple feel. YUM!. BearScore: 93+.

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