Refreshing Rose 2: PINS de DUNES, Bordeaux Rosé, 2015


Back at the end of March, I was tasting wines with Bordeaux negoçiant François Thienpont (Wings). We were mainly looking at red and white Bordeaux wines under $30 a bottle and a few 2015s. Then he pulled this out. While I quite liked the 2014 iteration of this wine (then called “Pins de Pyla”), I didn’t love it. I do love this 2015 Bordeaux Rosé (with the new name “Pins de Dunes”). It is finally here and available now.

FT PINS de DUNES, Bordeaux Rosé, 2015 ($9.99)
Formerly called “Pins de Pyla,” this is a blend of about 1/3 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1/3 Merlot, and 1/3 Cabernet Franc made using direct pressing (no saignee) and aged only in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.   Pale-pink-rose in color with good legs; dry, light-bodied with fresh, refreshing acidity and scant phenolics. Bubble-gum-dust and Jolly Rancher melon, strawberry, and citrus. Although all that fruit leaves a sweet impression, the vivid acidity and beam of mineral keep it dry, clean, and super refreshing. Pushes all my Rosé buttons. Delicious. BearScore: 92+

If you’d like to learn more about Rosé while tasting this and other fine French Rosé wines. Please click here for information on Revealing Rosé, a French Rosé class on Monday June 27th at l’Alliance Française in Houston.

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