BORDEAUX 2014: Commentary and Offers now on-line

PichonBaron2014 Bordeaux? Why should you care? Well, for a few reasons. 2014 is a very good to excellent, quite pretty vintage that, for many people, will give more drinking pleasure than the “best” vintages such as 2010, 2009, and 2005. And it is, due to a combination of market factors and the dollar-euro exchange rate, a very affordable vintage that will never be cheaper than it is now. Having said all that, I am talking about a particular subset of the fewer than 300 fairly well-known chateaux (out of more than 6,800 total wine chateaux) in Bordeaux. Lets look at the economics first. For this futures campaign, most Bordeaux chateaux were under a lot of pressure from the wine trade to keep their prices down and, to a large extent, many complied. For the most part, the release prices in euros were at or maybe a bit above the prices of the 2012s when they were released as futures. Which is all good news made better by a dollar-euro exchange rate closer to $1.12 per euro than the $1.35-or-more) we saw in 2013 and 2014. Without doing a lot of math, suffice to say that prices to the US consumer are generally down a bit from those of the 2012s when they were offered as futures … and 2014 is generally a better vintage than 2012. (Read More …)

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